Quartet Pics
And now the quartets. Unlike the chorus competition, it is a little more difficult to hide when there are only four people. As a voice, you really have to be on top of your game. Just like the choruses, winning quartets compete internationally... where victors are proclaimed "Queens of Harmony". Below is how the top 3 quartets fared:
Name of Quartet Score
Rendition 602
Cabaret 597
Astound Sound 595
Region 25 Competition...Rendition Region 25 Competition...Cabaret
In the picture: In first place...Rendition (affiliated with Prairie Winds Chorus in Lubbock, TX). Click to enlarge. In the picture: In second place...Cabaret (affiliated with Talk of Tulsa in Broken Arrow, OK...Rich-Tones in Richardson, TX...and Sunflower Harmony Chorus in Topeka, KS). Click to enlarge.
Region 25 Competition...Astound Sound Region 25 Competition...Kismet
In the picture: And in third place...Astound Sound (affiliated with Prairie Winds Chorus in Lubbock, TX). Click to enlarge. In the picture: How about the winning quartet in 2005? Here is Kismet (affiliated with Rich Tones Chorus in Richardson, TX and OK City Chorus in Oklahoma City, OK). Click to enlarge.


Knick Knacks
Arguably the best quartet in the world took the stage during the Show of Champions. Known as "Rumors", this group retired as the 1999 Queens of Harmony. The foursome is widely viewed as the standard for other quartets to follow.
Region 25 Competition...Rumors (Pic 1) Region 25 Competition...Rumors (Pic 2)
In the picture: Antics are often a part of a Rumors performance. Click to enlarge. In the picture: But when it is time to sing, Rumors arguably does it better than any other quartet. Click to enlarge.