The Competition
If you have never attended a Sweet Adelines competition, it is worth the price of admission. Quartets and choruses sing (barbershop format) and dance in front of a panel of judges, and try to score as high as they can to win or at least show some improvement (over past performances).
In 2005 and 2006, Sweet Adelines from Region 25 (Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana) met in Richardson, TX at the Eisemann Center.


Those competing are judged in four categories: sound, music, expression and showmanship. Two songs are evaluated for each chorus/quartet...with 100 points possible in each category per song. Adding it all up, a perfect score would be 800 points. But then again, nobody's perfect!
Category Max Points/Song Total Points (2 Songs)
Sound 100 200
Music 100 200
Expression 100 200
Showmanship 100 200
Grand Total   800
Each chorus/quartet is graded somewhat like kids in school. Top level performances are given an "A", which is at least 80 points in each category (i.e. sound, music, expression and showmanship). For two songs, that would be a total of at least 640 points (i.e. 320 points per song). Usually, the winner of a competition earns at least an "A" or a "B" (i.e. at least 480 points).
Grade Points/Category Total Points (2 Songs)
A 80-100 640-800
B 60-80 480-640
C 40-60 320-480
D 20-40 160-320
F 0-20 0-160
Large choruses tend to score higher than smaller groups. A chorus of 100 members can produce a lot more sound than a group of 50. There is also more complexity involved and results are more dynamic when 100 people work together as a team versus 50 people. Even so, a great small chorus can outscore an average large competitor.


Chorus and Quartet Pics
Digital photographs were taken at the "Show of Champions"...featuring the winning choruses and quartets. To check out the pictures, click on the links below.

2005 Region 25 Competition (March 18-19, 2005)
2006 Region 25 Competition (March 31-April 1, 2006)