Quartet Pics
And now the quartets. It seems that the same quartets end up near the top in recent years. Just like the choruses, winning quartets get to compete internationally. Winners retire as the "Queens of Harmony".
Region 25 Competition...Kismet Region 25 Competition...Cabaret
In the picture: In first place...Kismet (affiliated with Rich Tones Chorus in Richardson, TX and OK City Chorus in Oklahoma City, OK). Click to enlarge. In the picture: In second place...Cabaret (affiliated with Talk of Tulsa in Tulsa, OK...Rich-Tones in Richardson, TX...and Sunflower Harmony Chorus in Topeka, KS). Click to enlarge.
Region 25 Competition...Crystal Collection Region 25 Competition...High Society
In the picture: And in third place...Crystal Collection (affiliated with Prairie Winds Chorus in Lubbock, TX and Palo Duro Metro Chorus in Canyon, TX). Click to enlarge. In the picture: Interested in some real life Queens of Harmony? This group (High Society) earned the title in 1976. Click to enlarge.


Knick Knacks
There were a couple of other mentionables to note. One was a little girl who performed with the family chorus...where family members take the stage to sing together. Boy they start 'em young! Also, Jim and Marcia Massey (Director and Assistant Director for OK City) celebrated 50 years together. You young newlyweds, take note!
Region 25 Competition...Girl with Family Chorus Region 25 Competition...Jim and Marcia Massey
In the picture: This little girl was getting her moves down while performing with the family chorus. Click to enlarge. In the picture: Jim and Marcia Massey stand amidst the Rich-Tones and lots of confetti. Click to enlarge.