Top of the Rock Chorus also contains performing quartets that sing together on a consistent basis. At times, other quartets are assembled for special occasions.


Timeless This is TIMELESS! Timeless is the 2009 Region 25 Quartet Champion! (l to r) Cheryl Abbott, Peggy Gram, Bonnie Burke and Dale Syverson. Contact Peggy at peggygram@gmail.com. Click image to enlarge.


Meet Kristi Ponder, Susan Padgett, Peggy Blanton and Ellen Withers (from left to right)...the foursome known as PRICELESS. Email Susan at totrlead@aol.com. Priceless


Certifiable Are you CERTIFIABLE? We are. Here (l to r) are Christa Newburg, Karen Wesson, Sara Daugherty and Jacquie Wheat! For info, email Christa at crnwsr75@comcast.net. Click image to enlarge.


It's PROVIDENCE! Kay, Phyllis, Lynn and Kay are ready to entertain you. Email Kay Latta at jklatta@suddenlink.net. Providence


Rockstar! Need a smaller group rather than the whole Chorus for your event? Contact ROCKSTAR! Contact Peggy Blanton at glorybe1@msn.com. Click image to enlarge.


This is ROUNDELAY! L to R: Mary Devine (Baritone), Pam Stout (Bass), Becky Bryant (Tenor) and Kathy Allison (Lead). Contact Kathy for more information at kath.allison@sbcglobal.net. Roundelay!