Children's Theatre To Go
2004/2005 Season
Past Performance
Group Photo (production of "Rudolph") Thanks to everyone who attended Rudolph. It was a huge success and we had a great time. We would also like to give thanks to everyone at UCA and the cast and crew for their hard work and dedication.
Rudolph was performed on December 3rd and 4th, 2004 at the Gem Theatre in Heber Springs with the support of Olmstead Funeral Home, Heber Springs State Bank, and Big John Tree Transplanter, Inc. Thanks so much to the Heber Springs community and our sponsors for everything!
Future Performances
Our next production is Cinderella and the Fairy Godfather written by Bob May (May 11-12, 2005). For more about this production, click here. Cinderella
Children's Theatre To Go is in the planning stages for its summer production, The Pied Piper, on August 5-6, 2005. Children will have a chance to be a part of one our productions with the assistance of our skilled troupe of actors, directors, and technicians. We will hold auditions for parts in early summer. We will post further information on this website when our dates our confirmed.
Tales on Tap
Children's Theatre to Go...on the road. In addition to our large productions, we have smaller productions that you can bring to your school. These productions come complete with sets, costumes, special effects, and of course our professional actors and technicians, however they are small enough to perform at most schools.
The cost is only $500.00 for one performance, or $750.00 for two performances the same day. Our current small production is Queen of the Golden River, a fun filled farce adapted and directed by Bob May. Its many comic pratfalls will captivate your students, but the theme and message they will remember is that brotherly love triumphs over greed, and that happiness is not found with riches, but being happy makes you rich.

Call or e-mail us to schedule a performance at your school. To contact us, click here.

Updated: 04/25/2005